10 DIY Cat Toys You Can Make For Free

Cats should be getting up to 15 minutes of play a few times throughout the day in order to maintain a healthy mind and body. However, constantly going to the store to pick up new toys to entertain your cat with can be costly. Especially frustrating is when your cat prefers the packaging over the toy itself. It may seem simple, but a little DIY cat toy entertainment can go a long way. Here is a list of easy DIY cat toys that you can make in minutes!

Turn boring old toilet paper rolls into fun little paw toys. For the toy near the top of the photo, simply make several 1/2 inch cuts on each side of the roll. Fold the tabs back for a wheel that will excite your cat. For the toy near the bottom, cut out 2 equal rings from the roll about 1/4 inch apart. Place one ring inside the other then use a nontoxic glue stick or tape to secure them.

For cats who love strings and ribbons, make them this easy DIY play structure. Get 4 pieces of wood(we recommend around 1.5 feet) and drill holes on each side as seen above. Tie off strings as support on the bottom holes, then use a chopstick or skewer to hold up the ribbons.

If you have a cat who scratches up the carpet then make them this cute DIY scratching pad. Cut out around 25 pieces of cardboard, each larger than the next, and roll them around each other. The closer the cardboard pieces the longer it will last. Secure with glue and watch your cat scratch away.

Make a fun DIY wand out of litter materials. Tie a string around one end of a chop stick and the other around a desired toy such as ribbon, string, or feathers. You could even attach it to existing toys to add a twist to them.

This simplified version of a cat food puzzle entices your feline to work for their food. Push in one side of a toilet paper tube, fill it with treats or food, then push in the other. Your cat will have to bat at the toy until it knocks its treats out.

Have an old pair of socks? Just stuff one sock into the other and sprinkle some catnip inside for easy entertainment.

Turn old easter eggs into cute little mice for your cat to chase. You can even cut a hole in the side for a hidden reward.

Even something as simple as a curled pipe cleaner can draw some attention from your kitty.

Good at sewing? Create a cute catnip toy with a personal touch. All you need is felt, string, and a needle.

Create a real DIY scratching post built to last. Glue together two pieces of duct tape and place it on a wooden post or plant. Wrap sisal rope or yarn around the post like in the picture above, be sure to glue it down at the end.

Are these toys not enough for your kitty? Be sure to check out our list of DIY cat puzzle feeders and toys.

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