7 Best Automatic Litter Boxes 2019

Why scoop through feces every day when machines have been created to do the work for you. Automatic litter boxes reduce the cleanup process to a simple bag disposal every couple of weeks. Doesn't that sound nice?

Not only do automatic litter boxes reduce the workload of cleaning up after your cat, but also do a better job of odor control than regular scooping. 

They usually come in 1 of 3 types: raking, rotating, or flushing. Each with their own pros and cons depending on your feline and home situation. 

This list provides all the information you need in order to select the best automatic litter box for your home. 

Our Top Choices

Best Budget

LitterMaid Automatic Multi-Cat Litter Box

  • Works with any litter
  • High walls and tracking ramp
  • Rake pops out for cleaning
  • Fits larger cats
  • Amazon Prime
Best rolling

Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll'n Clean Litter Box

  • No power needed
  • Reinforced side latches
  • Low cost
  • Amazon's Choice

Individual Reviews

PetSafe Scoop Free Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Things we like

  • Privacy hood
  • Sensors that count each use and set off cleaning
  • Crystal litter dehydrates feces and doesn't track

Things we don't like

If you are looking for the best automatic litter box on the market then PetSafes Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box the one buy. 

The crystal litter used in this box is extremely effective, with over 5 times better odor control than regular litter. The rake system used in this box sweeps feces into a separate out of sight compartment that is then accessed for removal.

This box could be called a smart litter box, as it monitors when your cat enters and exits the litter box. The time it waits to clean the box after your cat is done can be adjusted.

We recommend keeping the default time as 20 minutes as this is enough time for the crystal litter to dehydrate the feces so it doesn't stick to the rake.

Some buyers found the crystal litter to be too expensive, so they used regular clumping litter and it worked just as well. 

If you ever have any mechanical problems or defects(as most electronics occasionally have a bad apple), don't be afraid to contact Pet Safe's amazing customer support. They usually can fix your problem, or may even send you a replacement.

LitterMaid Automatic Multi-Cat Litter Box

Things we like

  • Made for any clumping litter
  • High walls and ramp to prevent mess
  • Rake pops out for cleaning
  • Quiet, reliable motor

Things we don't like

  • Feces gets stuck to rake/bottom

LitterMaid's version 3.2 automatic litter box is not only one of the lowest-cost boxes on Amazon but also a best seller.

This box works well with any type of litter, which is the main reason why some prefer it over PetSafe's version above.

The litter clumps are pushed into a hidden waste box 10 minutes after the box detects your cat leave. We recommend lining the waste box with plastic bags for the easiest cleaning process. This removes the need to buy more disposable cartridges.

It is important to note that most of the bad reviews on amazon are based on the older edition of this model. The 3.2 has worked perfectly over the years for many owners and has gotten tons of 5 star reviews.

Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll 'n Clean Litter Box

Things we like

  • No power or motor
  • Front litter tracker
  • Low cost
  • Large enough for all cats

Things we don't like

  • Have to clean more often

Although this is not a tradition automatic litter box the ease that comes with Elite Paw's Rolling Litter Box puts it in the same category.

Used by over 1 million cats this product's design is very unique yet simple. As shown in the video above, the box just needs to be rolled over in order to separate the waste. Then remove it from the tray.

The hood and tray inside are both removable for easy cleaning of buildup feces. 

There is a cheaper version of this litter box found on Amazon. Both have great reviews, however many customers  found that the Elite version's hood latches and separating grill are much more durable. This is why the Elite version is recommended on our list of the top 5 best automatic litter boxes.

Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

Things we like

  • Powerful metal gear motor
  • Works with any litter type
  • Quiet cleaning process
  • Easy to take apart for cleaning
  • One year warranty

Things we don't like

  • Grate is too wide for extra small clumps
  • No hood for spillover

If you want a simple, cost efficient box similar to LitterMaids Automatic Litter Box than this a great alternative.

The main difference is the motor quality. Pet Zone's metal gear motor has been tested to be quieter and more reliable compared to others.

This product also doesn't require tray refills or special litter, so the cost of maintenance stays relatively low. The wide metal rake design makes sure only the clumps are removed so you don't waste litter.

Like others this product has built in sensors that detect when your cat goes; this way it only cleans when necessary. 

One downside is the small size of the disposal box, which only lasts about 4 days before needing cleaning. This is still much less maintenance compared to the every day scooping of a standard litter box.

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

Things we like

  • Very low maintenance
  • Washes and reuses litter
  • No human waste removal
  • 2 Year Warranty

Things we don't like

  • No litter tracking prevention

Tired of hauling around 40 pound boxes of cat litter?

CatGenie's Self Washing Litter Box removes the need to clean almost entirely. The only maintenance needed is changing out the washable granule cartridge once every 2 months.

The setup can be a bit tedious but there are lots of videos online that make it simple. Just plug in the box, hook it up to a water supply found by toilets, sinks, or washing machines, and then set up the disposal tube to go into a toilet or waste system.

In order to get the best results, make sure you run the cleaning process for the full cycle or else feces may begin to build up. If your cat tracks litter, you can buy an attachment hood that also makes it look nicer.

This product may seem pricey, but if you account for the litter cost it saves along with elimination of human labor this product is definitely a benefit in the long run. Especially considering it removes the smell of any litter or feces completely.

Pet Safe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Things we like

  • Works with any clumping litter
  • Can use any type of waste disposal bag(grocery bag)
  • One year warranty
  • Very quiet

Things we don't like

  • No litter scatter prevention
  • Awkward size

Pet Safe provides an affordable automatic litter box that peaks in convenience.

While higher end automatic litter boxes have custom waste removal trays and litters, this can be costly. This specific litter box can filter through any clumping litter and has a disposal compartment large enough to fit most bags.

For a single cat it takes about two weeks until the waste needs to be removed. Odor control has been reported as outstanding.

Be warned, this automatic litter box has low sides, so if your cat likes to kick litter outside the box you might want to get a litter mat. Like all mechanical products, this one will eventually meet its end. The motor that spins the collection tray only lasts around 1-2 years.

Catit Design SmartSift Sifting Cat Litter Pan

Things we like

  • No power needed
  • Fit for all cats and cat litters
  • Privacy hood
  • Long lasting, no mechanical components

Things we don't like

  • Lid sometimes gets stuck

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