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8 Best Dry Cat Foods 2019

Managing your cat’s diet is one of the most important things needed to keep your cat healthy. Providing your cat with the right food will not only keep your cat happy but most importantly prevent or reduce veterinary expense for various medical conditions.Cat food doesn’t just effect your cats weight. The nutrients your food does or […]

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How to choose the best cat food

Giving your cat the right food is one of the most important responsibilities as their owner. It can mean the difference between hundreds of dollars in vet bills versus never going to the vet at all. Remember, cats work the same way as we do, the healthier they are the happier they are. After reading this […]

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8 Best Cat Litter Boxes 2019

Our Top Choices Instance 1 Best BudgetAmazon Basics Hooded Cat Litter Box Stick proof material Low cost Carbon odor filter 1 Year warranty Amazon’s Choice Check it out on amazon Best Overall Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan Can fit any sized cat Carbon odor filter Sturdy carrying handle Easily taken apart 6000+ positive reviews Check […]

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How To Clean a Cat’s Ears Properly

Every cat wants to be independent. They can control how much they eat, can open doors, and even groom themselves on a regular basis. However, even the most attentive feline occasionally needs their pet parent to give them a safe, thorough cleaning of their ears. While vets are trained to do a great at job at […]

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